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Consulting Banking


    Banking is relatively new a domain for actuaries. Some of the roles that are proving to be challenging for actuaries include handling investment portfolios – where actuaries can help by analyzing investment performance and decisions, in buying and selling assets, as a risk specialist and also in portfolio management.

The role of an actuary in banking can be in stark contrast to the traditional actuarial roles in life insurance and pensions. Increase in the quality and understanding of modelling sophistication available to actuaries these days is a boon for all banking operation, which can be readily utilized for most challenges.

At Armstrong, we understand the challenges modern banks face in the developing market, and have successfully helped them in areas such as insurance consulting for banking clients, in product management as well as pricing strategies.

Some of the domains where we assist major banks in the country include:

 Understanding Financial models

 Developing employment benefits strategies for their entire banking operations.

 Valuation of employee benefits schemes for banking operations

 Analyzing credit risk models

 Risk management

For more information, please contact us to find out how we ca help you optimize your bank’s performance and achieve regulatory compliance.

+91 936 320 0885

+91 998 027 7885

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